regisford hersto rhetoric

‘Waist Bead Serenade’

This poem comes from D-Empress Dianne Regisford’s ‘Hersto-rhetoric? Na so today!!!’. Highlight any portion of the text to annotate the passage with your own thoughts.

It requires a certain gait
To carry dignity intended
To carry femininity
Rolling waves into honey raveens
Across curves
Waisted & hipped

All roads lead they say?
It is in the curl of your lips
Initiate the swing of your hips
And show dem girl
Roll those hips
In that certain gait

Bead songs crafted through colour, style and chink
Generations invested from she to she
Sweet fecundity is your prerogative
To be, all woman
Show them girl, show dem!

For, as you walk and wine
Feel the power of your being
From a single chink to cascade harmonies
Beaded waists and churning hips
For, it takes a certain feline gait…

Celebrate your rolling hills
Carry your serenade,
There’s no space for bashful promenade
This place is yours, claim it
Work it girl, you hold da power It only takes one chink….

Arrested, you have them
Alert, ready
You? P.H.A.T!
You hold the reins
It’s sweet like dat!

Fade to black….


Cite this: D-Empress Dianne Regisford. “Waist Bead Serenade.” Hersto-rhetoric? Na so today!!!, Postcolonial Writers Make Worlds, 2017, [scf-post-permalink]. Accessed 29 January 2022.